Literacy and English

Book clubs and games to reinforce early literacy skills.

Book Clubs

Weekly meetings focusing on an author, series, or genre. Discussion, trivia, and more happen in these groups. Meetings are 25 minutes per week.

A Series of Unfortunate Events$8
Raina Telegemeier$8
The Baby-Sitters Club$8
The Twilight Saga$8
Explore Plants (self paced)$20

Letters and Numbers Bingo

Themed Bingo games that help learners practice letter and number identification and making the letter sounds.

Autumn Bingo$8
Halloween Bingo$8
Valentine’s Day Bingo$8
My daughter has been enjoying this immensely! She loves Raina Telgemeier's books and enjoys getting the chance to discuss them! She always looks forward to it and reads and re-reads the books in advance.

— Parent review of Raina Telegemeier Book Club